No Bake Stove Top Pizza

Luckily, making your own pizza doesn’t require you have an oven with the simple use of a skillet and a stove top, you’re on your way to making your pizza “Deliciozo!”

You can save yourself the trouble of operating your oven, by simply following this easy no bake, stove top pizza recipe.


  1. Dough:
    1. All-purpose flour – 4 ounces (good for a 10 inch pizza)
    2. Yeast – 1% the amount of your flour
    3. Salt – 2% of the amount of your flour
    4. Water – 75% the amount of your flour
    5. Sugar – optional (half a teaspoon)
  2. Tomato Sauce:
    1. Olive Oil
    2. Skillet Pan
    3. Toppings:
    4. Sliced Onions
    5. Minced garlic
    6. Green and Red Bell Peppers
    7. Cheddar Cheese
    8. Chopped Basil
    9. Tomatoes
    10. Pepperoni, Tuna – Decide according to preferences

How to Make The Pizza:

  1. Making The Dough
    1. Mix all the ingredients for the dough in a bowl until you were able to create a very sticky dough mixture.
    2. Shape it according to the preferences
    3. Let it sit at a room temperature for a couple of hours and wait until the mixture rises up.
  2. Making the Pizza
    1. Pour in a few drops of olive oil into the frying pan and let it heat for a while, then saute the garlic and onions for a few minutes
    2. Add the desired topping ingredients like tomatoes, tuna, bell peppers and basil.
    3. Flavor with salt, sugar and pepper to add more taste to your toppings then allow it to cool for a few minutes.
    4. Allow the skillet pan to heat for a few minutes then drop the pizza dough base into the pan.
    5. Cook the bottom of the dough until it is slightly done, flip it to the other side until it is slightly done to flatten the edges of the pizza.
    6. Use a ladle to spread your tomato sauce over the pizza dough, cover with cheese and let it melt for a few more minutes.
    7. Top it off with your toppings and lots and lots of grated cheese to finish.
    8. Voila! Enjoy your very own personalized no bake pizza!

If you noticed, the quality of the burnt or charred crust pizza may have been lost during the no bake pizza making procedure. This can be remedied by making use of kitchen safe propane torches. One technique to charring your pizza evenly is to keep the flame moving across the dough, don’t focus on one area alone, instead, keep the flame moving until you achieve the desired crisp charring or until the cheese becomes more melted on the top.

There you have it, enjoy making your own variations with this no bake stove top pizza recipe. You can make one at the comfort of your homes and without a need for expensive and bulky machines and you can customize all of the ingredients based on your needs, taste and preferences. Remember,every homemade meal, if it’s made from the heart, is worth eating.

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