Dandelion Salad

Its been said that dandelion greens can cure a wide variety of ills. The natives used to eat them for stomach issues, while the hill people of West Virginia ate dandelion greens for liver ailments. You can bet that while they may be only a folk cure for liver or other issues, they are indeed a delicious meal that is full of nutrients that are just good for you.

Dandelion greens and bacon are an age old country recipes that are down home comfort food. Be sure that you pick the dandelion greens from a place that is well away from anything which may have been touched by pesticides and get them while they are young and tender for the best possible taste. Dandelions are one of the best of the down home country recipes.

Dandelion Greens salad

You Will Need:

* Young dandelion greens
* 4 thick slices bacon
* ½ cup cream
* 2 tblsp. butter
* 2 eggs
* 1 tsp. salt
* 1 tblsp. sugar
* 4 tblsp. vinegar
* ½ tsp. paprika
* black pepper

To Make Dandelion Greens

Wash dandelions and pick over carefully. Roll in cloth and pat dry. Put into a salad bowl and set in warm place. Cut bacon in small cubes, fry quickly and pour over dandelions. Put butter and cream into a skillet and melt over low heat. Beat eggs, add salt, pepper, sugar and vinegar, then mix with the slightly warm cream mixture. Cook over high heat until dressing is quite thick. Pour, very hot, over the dandelions, stir well and serve.


Dandelion Salad – Dandelion Greens With Bacon – Country Recipes

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