Slow Cooker Recipes

Country Stew Recipe

When down home cooking sounds good to you, there is no doubt that you are going to be on the lookout for country recipes. Most people find that the hearty country food delivers a warm and comforting approach to traditional recipes.

One of those country recipes most people still will turn to when they are looking for a delicious option is country stew. This will of course come in beef, chicken or even a vegetable style. Depending on what you are in the mood for, there will be a delicious dish that you will be… Continue reading

Pot Roast

Just reading the title of this makes my mind go right to a delicious and great-tasting pot roast, and it brings back memories of lovely meals enjoyed as a child.  This recipe below will take a while to prepare, yet most of that time will be spent slow cooking in a crock pot after you’ve gotten the ingredients ready to go.

pot roast photo

If you have a large family this will make enough to feed everyone and no one should go hungry.  If you have a small family or perhaps are just cooking for yourself you can have a lot… Continue reading

Bacon Wrapped Chicken

One of the best ways to make your chicken as tender as it can possibly be, and still to make moist chicken recipes is the use of the slow cooker. In many cases, you can find a cheap slow cooker. It need not be state of the art, although we’ve come to really enjoy cooking with the three pot slow cooker because it makes it easy to get a great meal slow cooked as you’re working.

Chicken recipes in the slow cooker are always moist and always delicious. This one, designed to be minimal trouble, tends to be very tasty… Continue reading