Old Fashioned Favorites

Love That Southern Cooking

Southern cookingSouthern cooking: Some people call it comfort food and some people call it home country cooking, but there is nothing better than the smell of chicken frying in the pan and cornbread cooking in the oven.  Cuddled in my easy chair with a big ole hunk of cornbread and butter and a big glass of sweet county tea, ah!  Nothing could be better than that.  It just takes your worries away.  By history, the Southern Cooking region is formed by the states south of the Mason Dixon Line, dividing Pennsylvania from… Continue reading

Cranberry Conserve

cranberry conserveCranberry conserve is a remarkably tasty alternative to the canned jellied cranberry sauce that you typically would eat at the holidays. There is, in our house, no such thing as the cranberry sauce from the can. This is the most tasty and wonderful alternative. It’s a delicious and tangy addition to your Thanksgiving Dinner or your Christmas dinner, but don’t wait for a holiday to make this wonderful tangy conserve treat that tastes good with any poultry.

What is Thanksgiving dinner without a cranberry addition to cleanse the palate between courses? This one is an old recipe that was passed… Continue reading

Old Fashioned Baked Beans

Baked BeansFor a barbecue or an outdoor picnic, it just isn’t complete without home baked beans. Sure, there are faster ways to accomplish this country recipes favorite, but they simply aren’t as good. Baked beans are an integral part of any outdoor get together. Spice them up a bit if you like by including a half cup of a good mesquite barbecue sauce, or make them as they are listed here. A bit sweet, as well as tangy, add pepper and salt to taste and they are an outstanding side dish that you just can’t have a picnic without.

This country… Continue reading