Country Desserts

Steamed Fruit Pudding

A nice steamed fruit pudding recipe. * 1 cup raisins * 1 cup chopped suet * 1 cup molasses * 1 cup milk * 1 tsp. salt * 1 tsp. soda * ΒΌ cup boiling […]

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-Smoking and Barbecuing

Country Style Baked Beans in a Hurry

Summer time isn’t really summer without the tangy taste of barbecued or baked beans at your barbecue. Cooking out is lovelier with some real country recipes picnic food, but sometimes you don’t have time to […]

Holiday Meals

Easy Blueberry Muffins

Blueberry muffins are perfect for a holiday or a weekend breakfast, blueberry muffins are one of those things that no one can resist. These make great coffee break foods as well, and if you’re looking […]

Canning and Preserving

Old Fashioned Christmas Dinner Cranberry Sauce

Christmas and Thanksgiving just aren’t complete without some wonderful cranberry sauce to cleanse the palate and top off the holiday meal. If you’re someone who is typically using the canned cranberry sauce, well stop it.. […]

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Holiday Meals

Country Style Turkey Stuffing

Many people today make their stuffing from a box and there is nothing wrong with that if you like it, or want to. If you’re doing it because you simply don’t know how to make […]

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Chicken & Turkey

A Traditional Thanksgiving Feast

Every family has those traditions that they cook for Thanksgiving. From the Northern areas, where a traditional Thanksgiving may be game and the fruits of the recent harvest, to the Southern American states where Southern […]

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Holiday Meals

Roast Turkey-Country Style Recipes

Thanksgiving is the time when we traditionally fix the roast turkey dinner that is reminiscent of the first Thanksgiving. The first Thanksgiving day was the scene of a meal that set the stage for our […]