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Tips for Cooking Low-fat Country Recipes

Low-fat Country Recipes, is this possible?

Admittedly, country recipes have an undeserved reputation for being high in fat and calories but we certainly cannot blame people for thinking this way. Country cooking can have rich ingredients coupled with the fondness for deep frying everything from chicken to cheese. But you need not shy away from country cooking. You have several ways to make low fat yet delicious country dishes and desserts that your family and friends will love – or better yet, devour to the last morsel.

Use other cooking techniques aside from the usual… Continue reading

Hot Sauce-Adding Health Benefits as Well as Great Taste

hot sauceWe all get a certain satisfaction from adding a little kick to our food. The fiery flavor and the added spice is something that nearly everyone loves. Did you know that adding some hot sauce to your food is not only delicious, but that it adds health benefits too? It may amaze you to know that hot sauce can add to  your digestion and can help you to heal  your stomach lining more rapidly.

The flavor of the hot sauce adds a lot to your meals, with just a dash giving you some incredible flavor. It can also… Continue reading

A Traditional Thanksgiving Feast

ThanksgivingEvery family has those traditions that they cook for Thanksgiving. From the Northern areas, where a traditional Thanksgiving may be game and the fruits of the recent harvest, to the Southern American states where Southern cooking recipes may be used, Thanksgiving means something different to everyone and in every portion of the United States, but one thing remains the same. Thanksgiving is a time of feasting, family and food.

It is a time of fun and family, with all of us spending the day together, watching football or spending the time playing games and having a good time. Every family… Continue reading

Buying Local Produce

With so many frozen and canned vegetables and other items these days, the temptation exists to not buy local produce and meats that have been grown in our own area.

It’s a mistake to not buy local when you have the opportunity.  You will be rewarded by knowing precisely what is in the foods that you eat and how they were grown. Many of the local farmers in your area bring their meats and vegetables to farmers markets in your local area or may even have small markets that you can visit in order to get the meat, dairy… Continue reading

Seasoning Your Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron cookware is designed for slow cooking with lower temperatures to let the flavors blend into the perfect dish. The best type of cookware for use with country recipes are the skillets, Dutch ovens and other items made from cast iron.  One of the most effective ways to prevent food from sticking and causing food to burn is to season your cast iron cookware before using it.

First of all, wash the  cast iron cookware in hot sudsy water, rinse and dry completely using paper towels. It is important to make certain that no water remains on… Continue reading

No Hassle Country Cooking?

Even those among us who love cooking and eating almost equally will be the first to confess that being able to cook without the worry of creating a mess, spilling, or burning would be a blessing. Truthfully speaking there really is no such thing as trouble free cooking though there are things you can do that will take a good deal of trouble out of your cooking.

Most of the tips here will be beneficial to novice or beginners in the culinary arts however, there are some great refresher tips for those who are more experienced when it comes to… Continue reading