Jams and Jellies

Old Fashioned Christmas Dinner Cranberry Sauce

cranberry sauceChristmas and Thanksgiving just aren’t complete without some wonderful cranberry sauce to cleanse the palate and top off the holiday meal. If you’re someone who is typically using the canned cranberry sauce, well stop it.. there is nothing like home made cranberry sauce. The taste is just amazing.

In fact, once you realize how easy it is to make your own cranberry sauce for your holiday dinner, you’re never going to use that jellied cranberry sauce again. Making cranberry sauce from scratch is simple, it’s fast and it is more delicious than anything that can… Continue reading

Raspberry Rhubarb Jam

rasberry rhubarb jamRaspberry rhubarb jam sounds like something that you might make and use during the summer months, but it is a country recipe that is traditional for the holidays too. This homemade jam makes a wonderful addition to a thumbprint or a filled Christmas cookie, as well as making a marvelous glaze for a holiday ham. Homemade jams and jellies make wonderful Christmas gifts when created and then sealed in lovely jelly jars and decorated nicely.

The tangy taste of the rhubarb, combined with the sweetness of the raspberry is wonderful on toast or biscuits, but… Continue reading

Cranberry Conserve

cranberry conserveCranberry conserve is a remarkably tasty alternative to the canned jellied cranberry sauce that you typically would eat at the holidays. There is, in our house, no such thing as the cranberry sauce from the can. This is the most tasty and wonderful alternative. It’s a delicious and tangy addition to your Thanksgiving Dinner or your Christmas dinner, but don’t wait for a holiday to make this wonderful tangy conserve treat that tastes good with any poultry.

What is Thanksgiving dinner without a cranberry addition to cleanse the palate between courses? This one is an old recipe that was passed… Continue reading