Gramma Betty’s Coconut Cream Pie

by Robbi

coconutGramma Betty has the patience of a saint. While she is my  ex-husband’s grandmother and as such I don’t have a great deal of contact with her now, at one point I spent hours in her kitchen learning her mother and sister’s secrets for amazing pie crust and incredible fillings. She often told a story about how her husband, a loveable curmudgeon, ate pie every single day because he aggravated her. He– both she and I surmised, got the best of that deal-and she learned not to make threats that benefited him… Continue reading

Quick and Easy Cherry Cheesecake

cherry cheesecakeIs there anyone who doesn’t like cherry cheesecake? We don’t personally know of anyone who can resist a luscious country cheesecake complete with piped on decorations created of the cheese cake mixture. This cheesecake is very simple and easy to make and doesn’t require a lot of skill in the kitchen.

1 8 ounce package of cream cheese
1/2 small can sweetened condensed milk
one/sixth of a cup(about two tablespoons) of concentrated lemon juice
2 tablespoons cream of tartar

One can tart cherry pie filling

Soften the cream cheese in the microwave, using intervals of… Continue reading

Cherry Cheesecake Pie

cherry cheesecake pieIncredibly easy to make and fast as lightning to put together, this cherry cheesecake pie is largely  a breeze to create for your own family, relying on a superb mixture of cream cheese and other ingredients  to give it the incredible taste and the lightness that is so atypical of cheese cake. In addition, this cheese cake filling has  wholesome ingredients that you can sink your teeth into. We specifically recommend NOT using the main brand name of cream cheese due to their disregard for the efforts of small business and recommend instead that you use a… Continue reading

Beef Pot Pie

beef pot pieThis is a spin off on an old Amish and Early American favorite. Beef pot pie was a way to use up scraps of meat and a little vegetables. Beef pot pie is a traditional country recipe that isn’t actually hard to make. Given the many different kinds of pie crust on the market today that are wonderful and flaky, you can easily create a pot pie and freeze it for later use.

During the winter months, pot pie is comfort food. It is healthy and incorporates vegetables into a wonderful rich thick gravy as well as vegetables that might… Continue reading

Apple Crumb Pie

Apple crumb pie recipes are as many as there are people who love them. Apple crumb pie is quite close to french apple pie recipes, with the added twist of just a bit more crumb topping on the top. Those who love apple crisp or apple crumble will be quite thrilled with this recipe for apple crumb pie.

Taken from an out-of-copyright Pennsylvania Dutch recipes book, the recipes for sweets tend toward a little extra sweetness so if you like a more tart apple pie recipe or apple crumble, cut down the sugar just a bit more and use it… Continue reading

Lemon Custard Pie

Nothing ends a meal better than a great pie. Pie recipes for old fashioned country favorites are found everywhere but this one, taken from an old Pennsylvania Dutch cookbook that is long out of print and out of copyright, is one that I’ve found to be simply delicious.

Lemon custard pie is a slightly tart, but still sweet ending to a meal that isn’t filling and is actually one of the more healthy desserts. It’s easy to make and can be topped with whipped topping or with meringue.

What you Need:

* 2 tablespoons flour
* ½ cup sugar
*… Continue reading

Old Fashioned Apple Pie

Apple PieFor a sweet dessert, there will be nothing quite like an apple pie. This is a popular country recipe that continues to remain one of the most popular country foods out there. What you are going to find is that each recipe out there has a unique twist to it that adds a level of flavor and depth to each of the different dishes you can make.

As with any country recipe, you will want to focus on using fresh ingredients when possible. That will help to ensure you get a farm fresh flavor that will certainly get noticed. Along… Continue reading

Delicious Sweet Potato Pie

One of the best country recipes you are going to find is the sweet potato pie. This is a popular country food that has people looking to make their own delicious recipes. There is no doubt that this dish is full of depth and flavor and will be one of the most popular items you can make for your family.

Because the best approach for making country recipes comes from taking a basic country food and adding your own personal touch to it. This will give an essence of you in your recipes and will let people know that it… Continue reading

Country Recipes – Peach Cobbler

Country Recipes – Peach Cobbler

All country cooks have their personal peach cobbler recipe. In the event you aren’t familiar with cobblers, they are deep dish pies without a bottom, but with a roof made of pastry.

The basis of the cobbler is fruit, either fresh or canned. In no time at all, you’ll be creating your own fruit cobblers.

If you’re an experienced cook, nothing beats the peach cobbler for happy endings to your dinner. In the event you’ve never attempted make a cobbler, now is a good time to venture out of your comfort zone and get creative. Continue reading