Buying Local Produce

With so many frozen and canned vegetables and other items these days, the temptation exists to not buy local produce and meats that have been grown in our own area.

It’s a mistake to not buy local when you have the opportunity.  You will be rewarded by knowing precisely what is in the foods that you eat and how they were grown. Many of the local farmers in your area bring their meats and vegetables to farmers markets in your local area or may even have small markets that you can visit in order to get the meat, dairy and vegetables that are grown close to where you live.

The difference in taste will be completely remarkable. The fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and meat or fish that are grown locally are typically grown by smaller farmers who are using a more natural method of growth. Normally you won’t find a wide array of different chemicals or irradiation being used in what is grown locally.

Most of the time you can find farmers markets or outdoor markets in nearly every town or village from about the end of May til the end of October. Eating locally grown produce is easily accomplished during this time span. During other times of the year, unless you are lucky enough to live proximal to states such as Florida or Arizona and California, eating locally grown products may not be an option, but you do have the right–and the obligation to find out what company has grown the produce that you are eating and to know how it was grown. Organically grown products will typically cost a little more but may well be worth your money. Bear in mind, there is a vast difference between organic and natural products.

If you have the option where you live, buy locally and save money as well as your good health.


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